Collect your Product from Digibox: Daraz Digital Locker

Hey guys, you've noticed the new collection points popping up in the Daraz App while placing orders. Well, the new collection points are none other than the 'DARAZ Digibox.' Some of you may have already figured out this, while others still need to learn about Daraz Digibox. Today, I will tell you about Daraz Digibox and how to use this to collect and receive products.

What is Daraz Digibox?

Daraz Digibox is an innovation towards digital Bangladesh that aims to provide customers a 'Digital Locker Self Collection Service' at their near collection points. This was inaugurated by the ICT state minister, Zunaid Ahmed Palak. The main intention of these newly introduced digiboxes is to make people easily fetch their products at their nearest pickup point without any hassle. This digitalization for digital Bangladesh is indeed a notable step. It is straightforward to use Daraz Digibox and to receive products from it within a minute. (Some DigiCollection boxes have been spotted at various Metrorail stations in Dhaka. )

How to use Daraz Digibox to receive products?  

Using Daraz Digibox is similar to receiving products from the pickup point. The only difference is that in the pickup points, there are staff to help you; in the Digibox system, you have to do it by yourself. Let me tell you how to use Daraz Digibox to collect and receive your products. 

  • First, select a Digibox collection point in your delivery address while placing the order.
  • You must pay first to use the Daraz Digibox service, and you can enjoy only 15 taka delivery charges nationwide. Make sure to receive the Product within 3 days after it has arrived. Otherwise, it might get returned. 
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  • The delivery partner will deliver your parcel/ products to your selected Digibox and put your parcel into one of the lockers secured by Daraz's OTP-based service.
  • Daraz will provide you with 2 OTPs, one for the Digibox and another for the Product. You have to save both of the OTPs for future use.
  • So when you reach the Digibox locker you'll see a screen similar to ATM booths.
  • Select the 'Customer' button and give your mobile number that is associated your Daraz's customer ID. Now, they will check if a product is bearing the mobile number. 
  • After confirming the Product, give the correct OTP of both the Product and Digibox, and within seconds, you'll see a locker has opened its door.  
  • Collect your parcel within 30 seconds and lock the door, and you'll see a successful product delivery message on the screen. 
  • And you're done! 

What are the benefits of using Daraz Digibox? 

  1. Daraz Digibox can reach the places where pickup points are hard to set up.
  2. Daraz Digibox is Safe and easy to use.
  3. Daraz Digibox is self-sufficient, and soon, it will target many districts of Bangladesh to reach more people. 
  4. You can enjoy only a 15 taka delivery charge nationwide to receive your products in Digiboxes.  

Digital locker system delivery services were available globally in many other countries. This is Daraz, who first introduced this digital locker delivery system- Digibox in Bangladesh. Now it's time to see how much it benefits the customers. 

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