DESCO Postpaid Bill Payment by Bkash - DESCO Bill Bkash Payment

Have you ever been tired of waiting in the long line of banks for bill payments? Well, some of us have indeed been there. And paying utility bills every month in addition to that has become tiresome for such a busy life. But now, bKash, one of our leading and developing mobile banking sites, has brought tremendous life-saving and time-saving options for us when paying our utility bills. 

That's the whole process I will explain today. How we can pay our DESCO postpaid bills by bKash. 

DESCO Postpaid Bill Payment by bKash

So as I was saying, nowadays it’s pretty easy to pay your utility bills like electricity, gas, water, internet, telephone, TV, credit card, government fees, insurance, etc., by bKash in a few minutes. Bill payments for each of these services have the same process, more or less.

How to pay DESCO Postpaid bills by bKash?

There are just a few steps that you need to follow to pay your DESCO bills by bKash.
Here are they:

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1. Log in to your bKash App by providing your PIN, then find and select the ‘Pay Bill’ icon.

2. Click the icon, and you’ll find many options. Choose the first option, 'Electricity'.

3. Then, scroll down you'll get options like Palli Bidyut, DESCO, NESCO, West Zone, etc. From all that, select your's one like I choose 'DESCO (PostPaid).'

4. After selecting the DESCO(Postpaid) option from the list, we are now paying DESCO postpaid bills. So, now choose your 'Billing Month' & your Billing 'Account Number' (You'll get the number in your utility billing slip).

5. Click to continue, then on the following page, you’ll see the 'Account Number' showing up with the 'Account Holder's' name. And automatically, you'll see the 'Bill amount' of the current month's name and status, like whether the bill is paid or unpaid.

6. Now, click on Tap to Continue again (also ensure you have sufficient balance). Then simply type your Secret 'PIN'

7. Click the 'Tap and hold for Pay Bill' option. Then the bill will be paid within a second.

8. From the 'Bill Recepit' page, click 'Download Receipt' to download the paper to track and prove your payment. You can save this account for future bill payments by clicking the 'Checkmark box.'

9. If you still need to download the receipt paper, you can go to the Transaction section of bkash, and below the Pay Bill transaction, you'll see the receipt paper is still available to download.  

Well done! You’ve successfully paid your DESCO Postpaid Bill by bKash without wasting your valuable time in the bank lines. If you still have some issues regarding this, visit the bKash app.

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