BRAC Bank Savings Account Opening Process | ঘরে বসে BRAC Bank Debit Card মাত্র ৬ দিনে - with Proof

BRAC Bank PLC is a private commercial bank in Bangladesh, founded in 2001. The bank is a subsidiary of BRAC, a leading development organization in the country. BRAC Bank is known for its focus on small and medium-sized enterprises. Opening a BRAC Bank Savings Account was not an easy step earlier. But now you can open a Brac Bank savings account online through your Astha apps. You can also get the Brac Bank debit card in just 6 days.

So, today here we'll open a BRAC Bank Triple Benefit Savings account and show the process of how easily you can apply to open a Brac Bank Savings Account and get the Brac Bank Debit Card within a very short time.

[N.B.: All the information used in this video is just for demo purposes, not real. You must use your real information to get your account fast.]

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