MRT Pass Registration Process: Get your MRT Rapid Pass

Dhaka Metrorail has added a new level of movement across the capital. Metrorail is currently providing service from Uttara to Motijheel by opening several area-based stations. However, there is no shortage of people! Metrorail services provide uninterrupted service to almost all levels of passengers. That's why a lot of people are seen every day and most of that time is wasted while standing in long queues to buy tickets. If you’re a consistent traveler of Metrorail, you can use Metrorail's Rapid Pass, i.e. MRT Rapid Pass to save time. With only a National identity card and  500 BDT, one can get the Metrorail rapid pass right away!  

What is the Metrorail Rapid Pass (MRT Rapid Pass)?

Basically, the Rapid Pass (MRT Rapid Pass) is a permanent rechargeable card that is used to get on the train easily and to avoid the trouble of wasting time in long ticket queues. It looks exactly like a normal single journey one-time ticket, but the fare is recharged in advance.

Why should you use the Rapid Pass? Know the benefits of the MRT Rapid Pass

  • The first benefit of using the Metrorail Rapid Pass is that you will save on ticketing time. You can catch the train on an urgent basis without standing in long queues.
  • The registration process for Metrorail Rapid Pass is very simple.
  • You can get a validity of 10 years for a Metrorail Rapid Pass for just 500 BDT! 
  • By using Rapid Pass, you will get a 10% discount on the regular fare on every journey. That is, 10 takas for the rent of 100 taka, 5 takas for the rent of 50 taka, like this. 

So let's know how to get a metro rail rapid pass.

How to get a Metrorail Rapid Pass?

1. To get a Rapid Pass you need to fill out a form. You will get the form from each metro rail station's designated Ticket Office (TOM). You can also download and print the form from the internet.

Download the link of the form: 

2. If you fill out this form correctly and submit it to the designated ticket office (TOM) they will issue you with an MRT Rapid Pass. 

3. To get this card, you need to deposit a minimum of 500 BDT. From here Tk 200 is kept for a security deposit, and you can use the remaining 300 BDT for the fare of your journey. 

4. You can recharge a maximum of 10,000 BDT on this card and the validity of this card will be up to 10 years from the issue date.

5. If your card is no longer in use and if the card is usable, you can return the card to the designated ticket office. In this case, they will deduct 50-taka service charges and return the balance to you. 

6. If your Rapid Pass is lost, you can collect another pass by re-depositing some charges. In this case, you have to deposit 200 takas for security and 200 takas for re-issue processing, i.e. a total of 400 takas, and collect the newly issued card. If you find the lost card usable, you can get the security deposit back by paying a service fee of 50 taka. 

7. Only 0ne Rapid Pass can be issued against a National Identity Card number/ Birth Registration number/ Passport number or Diving License number. However, anyone other than the cardholder can travel on Metrorail using this card. 

8. At the beginning of the journey you will check in using the Rapid Pass, the fare will be automatically deducted from your Rapid Pass based on the station at which you check out. Of course, you will get a 10% discount on the regular fare. 

9. You can check your balance on the screen while checking out the ticket.

10. If there is not enough balance, you can recharge from the counter next to it or check out by depositing the remaining amount to the designated Ticket Office (TOM). However, the facility of recharging Rapid Pass using an online banking channel through ‘Ek-Pay’ will be introduced soon. 

It is convenient to use the Metrorail Rapid Pass to travel at the fastest time. So why are you late? Go grab your own Metrorail Rapid Pass as soon as possible.  

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