Download E-Challan Payment Receipt - Ekpay e-challan for ePassport | ই-চালান Payment Slip

Almost everyone knows that we can now do payments for our ePassport online using the Ekpay payment gateway or Ekpay. EkPay is Bangladesh’s largest leading payment processor that offers comprehensive bill payment services for customers and merchants. Hence A2i has taken the initiative of establishing a centralized e-Payment System. After paying using the Ekpay payment for ePassport we can use the Payment Slip of Ekpay but nowadays, from passport office is asking for the E-Challan for the payment verification. 

But, a maximum of us don't know how can we download the e-challan online after paying through ekpay. E-Challan is also very important for us for the online payment verification of ePassport. So in this video, I'll show in-depth details about E-Challan and how can you easily download the e-Challan from Ekpay online payment for an e-passport.

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