List of Best Password Managers for 2023: Keep Your Passwords Safe

With the increasing amount of online activity, having a strong and unique password for each of your accounts is crucial in protecting your personal information and online identity. This is where password managers come in. These tools securely store and generate passwords for you, so you don't have to remember them all. Here are some of the best password managers for 2023.

A) 1Password: A popular password manager that offers a clean and user-friendly interface, 1Password is well-regarded for its strong security features and easy password sharing.
- Monitoring password feature is now available for mobile users.
- Much Attractive mobile apps
- Intuitive password organization
- Supports the multi-factor authentications. 

- Form filling not reliable.
- Limited import options in the system
- Absent of password inheritance capability

B) Dashlane: Known for its ease-of-use, Dashlane offers a simple and user-friendly interface with top-notch security features, including two-factor authentication.

- Unlimited password storage for free plan.
- Includes VPN protection.
- Scans dark deb for compromised accounts.
- Retains full password history.

- Free plan limited to one device.
- Premium tier is expensive.

C) LastPass: A trusted password manager with a free and premium version, LastPass offers features such as password inheritance, emergency access, and secure password sharing.

- Secure sharing and password inheritance features.
- Security dashboard.
- Retains a history of notes and passwords.
- Supports many platforms and browsers.

- Limited multi-factor authentication options.
- Lacks a free version.
- Limited import options.
- Unreliable form filling.

D) Bitwarden: An open-source and highly secure password manager, Bitwarden offers a free version with premium features available for a small fee.

- Available on all major platform and browser app store.
- Free tier and inexpensive paid plan.
- Supports multi-factor authentication.
- Send sharing feature is effective.
- Open-source.

- Some struggles with automatic capture and auto filling in testing.
- Access to hardware key-based multi-factor authentication exclusively for premium subscribers.
- Standard encrypted storage allocation of 1GB for premium users only.

E) Keeper: A secure password manager that also offers a digital vault for storing sensitive information, Keeper has a range of pricing options for personal and business use.

- Seamless app and browser extension integration with cross-platform synchronization.
- Multi-factor authentication
- Secure password sharing and inheritance
- Optional secure file storage and messaging
- Preserves complete record of passwords and files.
- Provides numerous templates for various record types.

- Limited free version 

No matter which password manager you choose, using one is a crucial step in protecting your online identity and personal information. Consider giving one of these top password managers a try in 2023.

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