[Important] New YouTube Partner Program terms | Accept না করলে থাকবে না Monetization

Creators now have more options to sign up for the YouTube Partner Program (YPP) and make money from YouTube thanks to a number of recent improvements revealed by YouTube. YouTube stated: "We've revised our YouTube Partner Program guidelines to make these changes possible." A new modular structure that we're introducing gives users more freedom to produce and profit across many mediums. To continue participating in the YPP, all YPP Creators must accept the updated Base Terms by July 10, 2023.

Creators must agree to the terms of the specific monetization modules that YouTube will provide in order to begin or continue earning. Including YouTube Premium and the Watch Page Monetization Module, which allow you to make money from adverts displayed on your long-form videos.

To continue monetizing as part of the YouTube Partner Program, you will need to accept new terms by July 10, 2023.

Information Blog: https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/12843009

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