5 BEST Alternatives to Canva: Free Online Photo Editors

Designing is fun if you know how and where to design that too quickly. Nowadays people believe in easy and handy, free online editing sites that can give them a swift pace to work really fast. In the case of creating a flyer or a banner or a picture, we get a lot of suggestions about Canva. Indeed Canva is good and its workability is really nice. But you would be glad to know that there are a lot more free online editors that are nearly the same as Canva, some may find these more useful alternatives to Canva too.

What are the best alternatives to Canva?

The wait is actually over. We will now be discussing the 5 best alternatives of Canva that can be really useful for designers like you and me. So, without further ado let's proceed to get to know about the alternative free editing sites of Canva.

1. VistaCreate

As you can see in VistaCreate they say ‘Make your designs as unique as your business and it is true that you can. There are a lot of template options available for your social media works. Not only limited to just pictures, but you can also edit your videos here, and make thumbnails and covers for your blog post too. You can also use this editor to remove the background of any picture really quickly. This online editor is free to use. 

Site link: Click Here

2. Adobe Express 

Adobe is a name that everyone is familiar with. People use a lot of Apps that are the productions of Adobe. But many of us don’t know about Adobe Express which is an online free editing site where you can create your own design in an express mode. As you can see you will get a good collection of templates. You can also enroll for Student Plan here. But you cannot edit a video on this site. Do not forget to give it a look.

Site Link: Click Here

3. PicMonkey by Shutterstock 

Though there are several paid plans suggested on this site, but you can always create your free trial designs here as much as you want. This site is good for your showing up on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and other social sites. There are options for editing both the pictures and videos. You can draw, edit, and add textures and text to your designs here on this site. Check the link below.

Site Link: Click Here

4. Snappa 

Snappa saves you time every step of the way- That's their motto but trust me they are saying this for true. Over 25 million designs have been made by Snappa all over the world. Get free high-resolution stock photos, and add text, graphics, and effects to your photos in a second. You can free remove the background of your image and resize your designs too. 

Site Link: Click Here

5. Pablo by Buffer 

A tiny one-page site where no extra Ads and a Simple Appearance of Pablo can attract you easily. Get the templates on one side and the tools on the other. It’s like a workplace with everything near your hand. You can give it a try too.

Site Link: Click Here

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  1. VistaCreate and Adobe Express are actually good sites to work indeed.

  2. Wow, My canva had some troubles , I hope these apps will fix those. THANKS A BUNCH!