Facebook Business New Features Explained: Mark Zuckerberg

New features coming soon to support businesses and make shopping easier: Shops on WhatsApp and Marketplace, Instagram Visual Search and Shops Ads. Mark Zuckerberg posted in his Facebook Timeline.

Mark Zuckerberg also added some more details in his comment section about Shops on Marketplace, WhatsApp, Instagram Visual Search and Shop Ads. In brief he said, 

Shops on Marketplace: More than 1 billion people use Marketplace each month, so Facebook are making it easy for businesses to bring their Shops into Marketplace to reach even more people. So, more reach and more sale will be generated for business owner's. And also it'll be easier for customers to select their desire product in one place. 

Shops on WhatsApp: Soon you'll be able to view a Shop in WhatsApp so you can chat with a business before buying something. Businesses only need to set up their shop once to have it work across Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. 

Instagram Visual Search: Helps you discover products based on images that inspire you. So, Instagram Visual Search will also really help the customers for product visualization. 

Shop Ads: Facebook are launching new ads to personalize the shopping experience and point you to a Shop's curated collection.

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