Why search widget is not working in Blog? - Blogger

Blogger.com users may have this type of little problem in their blog-spots. If you use or add default search widgets in the layout panel and after saving the widgets. When you will hit view blog or test search widgets, it may show NO RESULT, so why it's not working?

So how to fix it?
To fix this we need to create our custom search in Html if you don't have any idea about HTML, then don't worry just follow the steps given.

Step 1: Create a custom blog search widgets

Go to the blogger dashboard, then go to Layout Panel and then find Add Gadget option. Then click that and find the gadget HTML/JavaScript gadget and click plus button.

Step 2: Paste the custom html code

Write a title and then copy & paste the code in the content section,

Html Code: 

<form action="search" name="input" method="get">
     <input value="" name="q" size="20" type="text"/>
     <input value="Search" type="submit"/>

Congratulations, you're done. So the advantage of using custom HTML search is that it is compatible in the custom blogger templates. 

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