How do I get my Blog approved by AdSense in 2020?

As per the latest updates in the Google Algorithm, Google has made it very difficult to get you Adsense approved. Though it is difficult but not impossible to get your Adsense approval from Google authorities. Here are some rules:

1. Your domain should be at least 6 months old

2. Your blog/website must have high organic traffic

3. You must build high backlinks.

4. Try to build increase your DA and PA (Domain Authority and Page Authority).

5. Content should be of high notch quality.

6. You can compromise with the quantity of content but never with the quality of the content.

7. Your website should be Mobile responsive and must be AMP approved.

8. The photos, videos, and graphics used must of be or high resolution.

9. Web pages must open fastly.

10. The website should be error-free like 404 errors or any other major error.

Try to follow these basic fundamental rules by Google and get your Adsense account approved and start earning a good amount from Google.

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