Facebook merges Messenger with Instagram

With the new update, the Instagram logo is being replaced by the Facebook Messenger logo, Facebook has announced indulging a new update to unify messenger and Instagram through cross messaging.

The social media giant made it clear in the past to make its popular family of apps. Allowing cross messaging between messenger and Instagram become the biggest step of Mark Zuckerberg's integrated family of apps reports tech news website Techcrunch.

With the new update, the Instagram logo is being replaced by the Facebook Messenger logo. On Instagram, users will find an option to update to a new messaging experience.

The new updates will offer users the to change chat color, react with any emoji, watch videos together, vanishing mode for messenger, and more. As a part of this update, they will also have the option to chat with friends who use Facebook.

With cross-platform messaging interoperability, users will receive a new experience with the world's two biggest social media platforms.

Facebook announced the new interoperability will not hamper the user’s comfort-ability and will also work even if the Instagram user doesn’t have a Facebook account. In the near future, Facebook plans to include Whatsapp in its family of apps.

For the privacy concern of the users, this update sets an expanded set of privacy which provides users can specify who can reach their main chats list.

Last year, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg detailed the company’s plans for messaging interoperability as part of his larger vision for a more private social networking experience. Earlier this summer, Facebook began testing the changes with a small percentage of users.

Finally, they margin the two biggest social media platforms for users and with the latest update, everyone can enjoy new features.

Source: Dhaka Tribune

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