6 Different WEB BROWSER

We browse the web for various purposes. However, not everyone browses for the same type of work. Someone might play some games and nobody else is browsing the multimedia and no one else is safe. Many people do not know that using different browsers for different tasks can result in better results. That is, there are some browsers that have different features. In this article, the information about some browsers has been highlighted which have different features.

Comodo IceDragon
Those who are concerned about security can use this browser's browser. Its specialty is to ensure safety. The technology security firm Camodaro has created attention to the security of the lawn browser. It will also work to protect information from viruses or malware scanning, and the iDragon Browser will work. Using Commodore Secure DNS Server, it also protects malware as well as protects against phishing and spyware websites. It also supports drag and drop features for web content sharing and searching. For all those who are worried about online protection, ideology can be an ideal choice for them. This browser can be downloaded from http://goo.gl/v12pjc link.

The popular browser for the gamers, Halo quote. Originally designed by the gamers, the queen browser has been created. From ballistic to farmville 2-it can be found to play almost all types of games that can be played on the web. Coin designed in chromium engines. Among these advantages, first of all, the browser's special sidebar is to say. From here, the mouse clicks of every moment of the game can be recorded. Coins have built-in screenshots, which can take screenshots of the game any time. There is a special icon to switch between keyboard and gamepad control very easily. The http://coowon.com address can be downloaded from Windows and Mac for the quo browser.

People who are interested in multimedia or who are working with multimedia, can use this browser to get better results. Especially useful for music and gaming. It includes a YouTube-based streaming service called Torch Music. Torch games have to bring all games to play on the Web in one screen. Drag-and-drop features are also available for chrome engines designed in chromium engines. For example, if you drag and drop any web content to the left of this browser, the content will be available to share the content on social networking sites. If you leave any content on the right, it will be helpful to search the contents of that content. For any video download from YouTube or Vimeo, built-in tools or a built-in torrent client, it is also ideal for downloading multimedia content. www.torchbrowser.com can be downloaded on the torch browser.

People who do various tasks in the browser or who do not perform any work that is suitable for them by the browser is the Cangky Browser. All types of work have been in the market for almost ten years, the C-Mongki web browser. But they have kept its original mantra. Sea Makki is working to make sure that all the work is done by opening a browser. This is called the All-In-One Browsing Package. It includes all the special services like Email Clients, RSS Newsgroup Clients, HTML Editor, IRC Client. Not only that, add-ons allow the possibility of adding torrent clients to this browser designed in GICO engines. The web site can be downloaded from www.seamonkey-project.org.

Those who work with multi-device or social networking can choose Maxthon Browser. It's a cloud-based browser. Maxthon has a 'passport' cloud account that will synchronize all your browsing information on all devices. Among the alternative browsers, this is effectively in Maxthon. Through this browser, content can be shared via email or text message. RSS feed reader, note pad, adblock plus etc. has enhanced its functionality. Maxthon's own games site. This browser, designed in Trident and WebKit engine, also has a separate 'Reader Mode' for reading web text. To download Maxthon, visit www.maxthon.com.

Epic Privacy Browser (epi privacy cbrowser)
Privacy is one of the features of this browser. Those who are scared of web browsing information, they can choose Epic Private Browsers.

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